Media Alert: Atomera to Present Keynote Speech at IEEE IMFEDK 2022 Conference

Media Alert: Atomera to Present Keynote Speech at IEEE IMFEDK 2022 Conference

November 15, 2022

LOS GATOS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Atomera Incorporated:


Hideki Takeuchi of Atomera Incorporated (Nasdaq: ATOM), a semiconductor materials and technology licensing company 




Both in-person and virtual presentation of Atomera’s paper, entitled “Remote control of doping profile, silicon interface, and gate dielectric reliability via oxygen insertion into silicon channel.”






Wednesday, November 30 at 4:40-5:20 p.m. JST / 2:40-3:20 a.m. EST

Wednesday, November 30 at 4:40-5:20 p.m. JST / 2:40-3:20 a.m. EST




Avanti Kyoto Hall

Avanti 9th Floor Ryukoku University

31 Higashikujo Nishisannocho, Minami Ward,

Kyoto, 601-8003, Japan

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Insertion of Atomera’s MST® film (also referred to as oxygen insertion or “OI”) into a silicon channel has already been demonstrated to be effective in enabling precise dopant profile control, NBTI improvement, carrier mobility improvement and gate leakage reduction of poly-Si/SiON and HKMG stack, providing benefits of performance enhancement of power devices, SRAM Vmin reduction, extension of planar devices, and PTS (punch-through stop) layer for bulk FinFET devices. This presentation will provide basic physics behind the improvement through theoretical calculations and experimental results. Modification of the formation enthalpy of various dopants and point defects enables remote control of doping profiles away from the inserted film via interstitial trapping. 18O tracer experiments revealed dynamic behaviors of oxygen exchange among OI layers and between OI layers and gate oxide. This dynamic nature of oxygen provides MST films with various benefits such as thermal stability sufficient for CMOS processing, a 35% improvement of surface roughness scattering rate of inversion electrons, as well as a 6X improvement of charge-to breakdown of thin-gate dielectrics. Atomera’s paper will dive into the significant impact for HKMG stack as the MST layers reduce intermixing and interfacial charge dipoles, which lowers remote charge scattering and provides viable knobs for the performance boost and new designs of future electronic devices.

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About Atomera

Atomera Incorporated, one of America’s Top 100 Best Small Companies in 2022 ranked by Forbes, is a semiconductor materials and technology licensing company focused on deploying its proprietary, silicon-proven technology into the semiconductor industry. Atomera has developed Mears Silicon Technology™ (MST®), which increases performance and power efficiency in semiconductor transistors. MST can be implemented using equipment already deployed in semiconductor manufacturing facilities and is complementary to other nano-scaling technologies in the semiconductor industry roadmap. More information can be found at

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